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The Lank group leverages 25 plus years of experience to provide Insurance Guidance to you and your employees.  Our Insurance Guidance services include but are not limited to:

  • Non-Traditional Cost Savings Ideas – Traditional solutions are not enough in today’s world.  We choose to NOT put the details of our “secret sauce” on our website to prevent our competitors from copying us
  • Renewal Negotiation – Sometimes your renewal is “fair” and sometimes it is not.  We use our actuarial partners to confirm the accuracy of your renewal rates and when appropriate, use that data to leverage lower renewal rates
  • Benchmarking – Let us show you what your competitors are offering to their employees.  This will help you make intelligent changes and keep you competitive in your marketplace
  • Plan Comparisons – State of the art comparison tools make it easier to understand benefit change impact
  • Claims Assistance – Your employees can call us instead of the carrier for quick, effective claim resolution
  • Billing Assistance – Let us fix your group billing problems and create consolidated billing options
  • Coverage & Policy Expertise – Over 25 years of group health experience including 15 years of carrier experience