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Client Testimonials

Kevin Swinicki, Founder of GRW

I thought all brokers were the same but The Lank Group proved me wrong.  Controlling cost had become almost impossible as we continually received double digit increases every year.  At our annual renewal, our previous broker would obtain bids from local carriers and the “solution” was always the same; raise deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket maximums to reduce our renewal rates to a tolerable level.  The Lank Group proved to be very different in their approach.  They introduced us to a claim data review program and came back to us with real cost saving solutions.  Since we are self-insured, our network discounts are crucial.  Michael’s analysis provided us with a network which provided deeper discounts and a claim savings of more than $110,000.  In addition, the claim data analytical study showed us that we needed to make prescription formulary changes to coincide with our wellness initiative.  The prescription changes resulted in a substantial decrease in our ER visits related to asthma and diabetes.  Finally we were able to leave our deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket maximums at their current level.  I would recommend talking to The Lank Group if you are seeking “out of the box” solutions.

Bowdie Jenkins, General Manager of Multicell Packaging, Inc.

Working with The Lank Group is beneficial for any small business. Their ability to assist in various rolls of HR has allowed Multicell Packaging Inc to free up resources to perform other duties. Some examples of how The Lank Group has assisted us are listed below:

– Open enrollment assistance

– Direct access for our employees to The Lank Group for claim issues or questions

– A web portal containing plan summaries, forms, important information

– Healthcare reform education via their “Healthcare Reform Toolkit”

– Handling of COBRA and other compliance issues

– Performing new hire enrollment

– Setting up a Wellness Program for our employees

I would highly recommend The Lank Group for your company and HR solutions.

Mitchel Chance, President of RAD Lifts

As the owner of a small company with approximately 60 employees, keeping up with Health Care Reform is a very challenging task.  My previous broker would send me articles on the Affordable Care Act but he never specifically told me how the ACA would affect my company and we needed more than a library of information.  A friend of mine told me about his broker, Michael Lank, and said he was an expert on the Affordable Care Act.  I met with Michael and it immediately became clear that he really knew what he was talking about.  We switched to The Lank Group and in no time he audited what we were doing and showed us three areas where we were non-compliant.  In addition to helping us with Health Care Reform, The Lank Group has also helped us with two ERISA issues and the Family Medical Leave Act.  The Lank Group’s compliance dashboard shows us what we need to be doing on a monthly basis and now we have a proactive approach to compliance issues.