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Communications… for employee engagement

Effective employee communication is a vital aspect of the employer-employee relationship. It shows employees that they are valued by the company; conversely, lack of communication can make them feel underappreciated, fostering discontentment and low morale. Poor communication may also suggest to employees indifference to their performance and result in lower productivity. With all the possible channels for communication today, there are plenty of opportunities to supply employees with timely and accurate company news and information.

Empower your employees to take charge of their own health and medical care. Let us provide you with a customized employee communication campaign.  Here is an partial list of resources available to our clients:

  • Employee Web Portal
  • Employee benefit videos for open enrollment and product education
  • Total Compensation Statements – Show your employees the true value of their job
  • Federal required employee notifications – Our Compliance Dashboard has you covered and will notify you of the specific documents you are required to provide to your employees and when
  • Benefits 101 Guide and presentations – Educational information for your employees including videos
  • Employee online newsletters
    • “Know Your Benefits” series – Educate your employees throughout the year to help them be better consumers of health care
    • “Live Well, Work Well” series – Wellness information to keep your employees engaged
    • Healthy lifestyle/fitness programs – Specific programs customized to your employee’s lifestyles
    • “Saving Fitness” series
    • “Benefits 101 Guide” and presentations
  • Total compensation statements – Provides your employees with the real dollar value of their benefit package
  • One on one meetings – We are happy to meet with your new employees on a monthly or quarterly basis for educational meetings